Our latest project was unique in so very many ways.  We normally meet with a child and find out what their dream bedroom would be.  When we met five year old Liam and his two year old twin sisters Emma and Ella Smith we knew that would be a challenge since both Liam and Emma have been diagnosed with precursor B acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  We’d have to move everybody out of their bedrooms to accomplish that! But their mom Lacey had a fantastic idea…..a dream PLAYROOM so they could spend more time together while having their varied interests represented!  Legos, dress up, rock climbing and Play Doh…..the list of things to incorporate was a different as the personalities involved!  But we got it all done…and it looks amazing!! I don’t think Erik will EVER volunteer to put something together again, but the Skyward Summit with it’s SmithStrong flag was a giant success.  This was the first project for artists Kayla Daniels and Nathan “Gingerbreadman” Cox  and we were blown out of the water (pun intended) by what they created freehand in just two days! Designs from the heART is happy to announce that they are joining the board and will be involved in many more projects in the future.  Take a moment to look at the pictures and as always please share our Facebook page Designs from the heART 

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